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"What you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow."

Mar 2, 2019

I am proud to receive this badge. Six months ago my intuition led me to a new trail.

The journey of small steps towards a big health change can be easily done in any department of our lives, every day and every minute. It requires only acknowledgement, acceptance and discipline.

How can you tell the difference between your INTUITION - the part of you that creates an avalanche of healthy and inspired acts - and the part of you thinking about how to find that part of you?

Stop thinking about it for a moment. Just listen to your body! YOU NEED TO GET SENSITIVE, TO YOU!

That feeling in your body is where you'll find your intuition and your capability to act. You already know it's not on your shelves of how-to books, or waiting for you in the next guru convention. So it's time to look somewhere else.

Your body is sending you messages, core, gut feelings, all the time. You don't need to reason them, logic them, or intellectualize them. You just need to act on them.

"The body gets better by itself, will self correct itself, given half a chance" - Joshua Rosenthal. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

Set up the environment for the body to heal itself.

If interested in learning about self-healing, reaching balance in life, the food on your plate, the importance of sleep, love and exercise, or just find yourself curious about what this Integrative Nutrition Health Coach business is about, please feel free to contact me and we will see where your journey might take you.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) Mid-Certificate

Issued By Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Earners of this badge have completed at least 25 modules as a student of Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program. They have demonstrated the ability to utilize a wide range of dietary and nutrition theories, as well as develop business and coaching skills to practice in a variety of settings. Students have been trained to educate and guide clients to make behavioral changes for improved nutrition, dietary habits, and physical ability and overall greater health and wellness.

Demonstrated Skills

  • Accountability

  • Active Listening

  • Coaching Skills

  • Global Food Issues

  • Health Education

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Nutrition Education

  • Time Management

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