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" you make me feel like a proud mom"

Said my personal trainer to me today, after working together over the past 7 months, meeting up for a total of 8 sessions.

I always look at the aging process as a beautiful thing of being alive, growing wiser, learning from experiences, exploring new facts about self and what's around us. Whether we like it or not, after "we reach the summit", there is a natural descend, a decline in all our functions. That does not mean we need to be ill, miserable or dead, but it certainly means it's now time to take care of this "vehicle" that transports us throughout life.

I naturally took a fair care of my body throughout my life, being physically active, hiking, dancing, swimming, but never ever was I attending a workout routine for a specific reason. When I reached 47 and learned that I have osteopenia (a decrease in bone mineral density), after I already fractured my right shoulder, I decided to commit to a weight training routine. Despite having the knowledge in this field, as I am a licensed physical therapist, I chose to keep myself accountable by working with a personal trainer. Not only she cheered me up every time we met as she was the most upbeat and professional trainer I could have asked for, but the whole experience of reaching high level of endorphins post workouts and feeling my legs shaking descending stairs when leaving the gym floor, took me to a new level of physical approach.

But the results were not far away from what was expected. With small steps, just 2 workouts a wk, perseverance and discipline, I improved my skeletal muscle mass from 54.7 lb to 56 lb and decreased the procent body fat from 23% to 20.8%.

It's always good to listen to your body, treat it with care and love, nourish it every day like there is no tomorrow.

You are where you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.

Make today count! You'll never have this day again.

Cheers to a healthy life!

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