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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

you would be suggested to take magnesium instead of stool softeners? (which dehydrates the bowel).

you would be asked to change your diet when you have a heartburn and indigestion instead of being given a Prilosec? (this can influence more heartburn , colon cancer and osteoporosis and it can leave food fermenting in your body).

you would be told to lower toxic chemicals in your home when you have constant headache and allergies? (these fragrances and chemicals cause toxic buildup in our cells which can cause more allergies and headaches).

you would be educated on how to eat clean and healthy? (have a grapefruit a day, which can support lower blood pressure naturally, and bombard your body with Omega 3 reach foods which will keep that HDL under high levels and lower your LDL and your triglycerides, so you might not need medications).

you would be suggested to take a probiotic daily? (this helps support healthy immune functions, clean and balance the bowels, regulate absorption and elimination, and helps keep colds and allergies at bay).

a diet/lifestyle plan would be created for you instead of being prescribed pills for every symptom you have? (diet and lifestyle choices are a major cause of all chronic illnesses).

you would be encouraged to take supplements, use herbal medicine, oriental nutrition and dietary therapy to support your health prior to becoming sick? (supplements and herbs can prevent illness by supporting immune function and various organs with their natural functions; it is impossible to deny the Eastern medicine - also known as Oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine - which is the oldest codified system of medicine in the world).

you would be told that your emotions stored in your physical body can cause you mental anguish, and be taught how to learn to control decrease stress and control emotions instead of being prescribed medications for every stress/anxiety related symptom? (emotions can play a very significant role in our total health. without tools to help navigate our emotions we can easily become physically ill).

specialists would read deeper into your blood work results and help you keep those leveled? alarm you when the numbers are getting close to the high or low "normal range" and act before your health is in trouble.!.

specialists would look closer into those Lipid values, support you with proper care, education on lifestyle changes and relationship with food and exercises, long before the systems are broken and the pill is offered.!?.

specialists would question why an ATPO (anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies) is within abnormal values before the thyroid collapses, instead of waiting to see the thyroid gland dysfunctional, get abnormal hormonal values then prescribe a pill to support its function .?!?. - my story

Why don't healthcare specialists take a real role in helping people to live healthier lives?

Why aren't we being helped to be healthy before we get sick?

I am asking all these questions because I now truly believe that we are capable of being the CEO's of our health. Asking the right clarifying questions, choosing the right specialists who are wiling to hear our concerns and taking the lead on our lifestyle are the answers to the path of wellness.

It is up to you the path you take to a healthy life.

Through two years of education, self-discovery, working with a functional medicine specialist, changing my lifestyle, changing my relationship with work, changing my relationship with food, learning stress management techniques, nourishing myself in every possible way I had control on, I was able to see results on my long time Plaque Psoriasis.

Of course I was given at first medications, but soon the prescription was changed to a weekly injectable treatment. That was the turning point in my life when I decided to take a better care of my health, to listen to my body and find the root cause of all disfunctions.

I could just not accept to move on with a treatment for a condition which we did not know why it occurred and secondly I did not accept to put my health at risk due to all the potential side effects these injections have.

Progress and results:

What I learned:

The biggest asset that you have and the most important thing that you own is YOU.

You are no good to your job, to your family, or to your purpose if you are sick or dead. All the potential and power is within us - we are just messing it up. We are interfering every day with our own greatness.

Most people take better care of their cars than their own vehicle, their body! There are no trade-ins, no leasing, and no rentals. You get one vehicle for the whole ride, and it's up to you how long the ride lasts.

If you pass a physical, what does the doctor do to you? NOTHING. See you next year! yet, have you ever question yourself what a close to low or high end range blood work value means? still within the normal limits!!! There is a reason for a range, those numbers show us how our body is functioning, is it (are we) going towards the right direction? Just having your cholesterol within the "normal range" does not mean that you are healthy.

You have to be sick to enter the healthcare system - and this, in my opinion, it is not a healthcare system, that is a sick-care system.

Current statistics show that seven out of 10 Americans die of chronic disease. Five out of 6 Americans (83%) get heart disease or cancer in their lifetime. How can this be explained?!?

Most people wait until they are sick and then rely on a drug or surgery to try to get them healthy. The consequences of this are devastating.

Health isn't complicated if you don't let it be. If we would just spend more time following the laws of what a human needs to thrive, we would build a lot more health.

Our body is built to heal itself, given the chance.

We have to make a decision and take massive action with it. It is not difficult or impossible to get educated, the starting point of self care starts with the big WHY.



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Congrat's dear Gina for your preocupation for a healthy living!

Gina Heredea
Gina Heredea
Sep 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Lori. Glad you enjoy reading my blogs.

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