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Oct 19, 2019

IIN Live 2019 TRANSFORM HEALTH event - two mind-blowing, action-packed days , exploring the forces that create or degrade health at every level, from our cells to our societies.

Quoting Pilar Gerasimo, IIN’s chief creative officer and co-host of The Living Experiment podcast:

“ We live in a society that reliably produces more unhealthy, unhappy people than it does healthy, happy ones.

So how can we hope to beat the odds?”

From nutrition researcher Dr David Ludwig talking about The Carbohydrate Insulin Model of Obesity, defining the obesity as “the personal failure to control energy balance”, to Dr Andrew Weil, MD, the integrative medicine pioneer alerting us about the problem of overmedication, to one of my favorite speakers, Michele Maldonado, the mindful leadership and human potential expert and founder of Lucenscia, talking about importance of shifting your focus from DOING to BEING by choosing empowering thoughts, these have been 2 days of empowering knowledge and joy.

We learned the Rainbow Spirit Chanting with Lissa Rankin, MD, who discussed about how we must learn to love all parts of our being instead of beating ourselves up for experiences that we may not have control over. Lissa Rankin, MD an integrative physician and founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, talked about how childhood trauma and its many forms deeply ingrain in our bodies, manifesting in our health and wellbeing.

A topic new to me : Ultradian Rhythm Breaks - the ultimate bio-hack, the powerful , oscillating energy cycles that are programmed into our DNA and how to use them to help conquer cravings, mood swings, inflammation and more.

Dr. Terry Wahls, an impressive speaker and the greatest advocate for her own health, shared her personal story of recovery from severe disability due to progressive multiple sclerosis. She discussed how she designed a therapeutic diet and lifestyle protocol specifically for her brain, which led to a dramatic recovery of function and changed how she thought about disease and health. She also reviewed how she changed her clinical practice and overcame resistance from peers. The banned speaker that became the most recognized and influential voice in the National MS Society , teaching now at Institute for Functional Medicine faculty the advanced practice modules on the contribution of diet and lifestyle in the management of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation.


- an inspirational voice of experience, Robyn Youkilis, founder and CEO of Your Healthiest You

- an entrepreneurial voice of experience, Cora Poage, Integrative Nutrition health Coach

- Dr Mark Hyman, MD, functional medicine physician, founder of The UltraWellness Center

- Ayurveda with Sahara Rose

- Implementation of health couching in Doula Programs, Latham Thomas, author, maternity lifestyle maven and wellness and birth coach.

… all bringing new insights into the theory of health interventions.

The take-away

Physical, mental and spiritual health unlock an individual’s potential for greatness and results in a safer, happier, more abundant and conscious world.

Your best interventions are influencing your health.

Thank you IIN !

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