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Embrace the Be Do Have way

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

In our modern world, we are thought to achieve this material success by trying to Do so much so eventually we will Have that something that ultimately, if we are lucky, we will Be happy.

I first learned about the concept of “Be, Do, Have” two years ago while studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Most of us think we need to “have” a certain thing or set of things (more money, love, time, experience, etc.), so that we can finally “do” something important (pursue our passion, start a business, go on vacation, create a relationship, buy a home, etc.), which will then allow us to “be” what we truly want in life (peaceful, fulfilled, inspired, generous, in love, etc.).

This is the Do Have Be mindset.

Unfortunately most of the times our happiness, fulfillment, love, peacefulness... get lost in the shuffle.

In reality, it works the other way around.

Have you ever asked yourself how you behave emotionally, physically, financially?

What if we remembered that we have the capacity to experience any state of being at any time – not just when things “work out” perfectly or we achieve exactly what we’re after. There is nothing wrong with us pursuing our goals and our dreams with passion.

For someone to increase their chances of succeeding in any department of life, they first need to BEcome the person who is willing to find better ways of handling the present situation. In other words, BE someone who can develop strategies to DO what takes to be done in order to HAVE the results. Such as Be the one that’s saying NO to that second piece of cake and YES to activity! The result is the HAVE of the slim fit body/healthier life.

Or BE mindful of your spending to be able to DO what is needed to save/invest money in order to HAVE a more financially stable life.

How often do we realize the amount of time and energy , the real life force we give out into work just in return for that income/material return? Lucky are those who have found their vocation, a true passion in life through work. But then, shouldn't we all be much more careful with how we invest that material return to make our life better and more fulfilling?!

Financial life planners do believe that The way you do money tends to be The way you do life.

Ask yourself

How am I BEing right now? What incremental step can I take right now, what can I DO, so I get closer to ( HAVE) a state of joy (for example)?

So Who Do you need to Be?

Remembering that who and how we’re “being” in life creates the context for how we think, feel, and act (some of the key raw materials for how we ultimately create our reality), gives us access to what we’re really after. We actually have the capacity to live our life with a true sense of elegance (the deeper meaning of this word is not about the appearance of something, but is about being able to put forth a small amount of focused effort, and manifest an abundant result). (1)

We have freedom of choice to express and experience whatever states of BEing we like.

Be the change.

I am inviting you to experience this change.

Here are a few things we can do to remember and practice BEING who and how we want to in life - as per Mike Robbins:

– Think of one or more of the biggest goals or dreams in your life right now. What is it that you think the accomplishment of this goal will bring you (i.e. fulfillment, joy, abundance, peace, freedom, etc.)

– Start embodying that state of being that you assume will come from the accomplishment of this goal. For example, you may start “being” joyful (as if you already accomplished your goal). It’s not about “faking it,” it’s about authentically embodying the desired states of being you truly want in your life.

– From this state of being, think about, talk about, and speculate the kinds of specific actions you might want to take. Allow yourself to sit with this for a while, don’t be in too much of a hurry. If you really allow yourself to come from this empowered state of being, the actions will start to show up with ease and your ability to both take them and allow them to work will increase exponentially.

– Have fun with this, get support from those around you, talk to people about this, and know that you will probably trip and fall many times along the way. Remember that we are human beings, not human doings. When we remember this, our life can really take off in a profound and fulfilling way.

Living the BE - DO - HAVE paradigm takes practice. It may seem backwards at first, for we are programmed to believe that our primary source of happiness, joy or contentment lies outside us.

Start your days with the intention of BEing in this state of BEing and see what happens from there. Good Luck!

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Gina Heredea
Gina Heredea
Oct 13, 2020

Correct, but most of us are not acknowledging this. With small shifts in our mindset, we can manipulate our actions which will then lead to a more fulfilling life.


Gina Farcas
Gina Farcas
Oct 13, 2020

Very well put, dear Gina. It is in our power to change our life, one step at the time. The state of happiness is really being in the moment and enjoying every minute of it.

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