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Clean out your fridge of leftovers

Who says you can’t have a last minute delicious and healthy dinner?

One of my intentions with regards to healthier eating habits is to incorporate once a week any fish from SMASH.

The acronym SMASH stands for salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and herring. These are the fish that are safest and healthiest to eat. They are nutrient-rich, high in omega-3s, and are low in mercury. Mercury is a natural element found all around us in air, water, and all living things, but in very small amounts. It makes its way into our food in several ways, including pollution.

As I don’t always have the time to prepare fresh fish, I decided tonight to use the canned Wild Planet, lightly smoked Wild Sardines in EVOO. I respect their mission. Wild Planet only produces the best selection of wild seafood products, in the most sustainable, earth-friendly ways possible. They are placing human and environmental health as their company’s core priorities.

I always keep couple of their canned fish in the fridge.

Sardines are packed with calcium. They are also an excellent source of Vit B12, they contain a healthy amount of Vit D, protein and a variety of minerals including iron, magnesium and zinc.

To make this yummy super quick dinner, I used

  • gluten free pasta

  • sundried tomatoes that I am lately in love with

  • lots of garlic ( Shh!! luckily my husband loves garlic as much as I do :-) )

  • and left overs from the fridge: roasted fennel, olives and spinach

I sautéed the garlic and sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil over medium heat, then added the sardines just for few seconds. Mixed in the gluten free pasta then added chopped olives, roasted fennel and 2 handful of spinach. Once the spinach has just about wilted, I removed the pan from the heat, sprinkled one scant teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes and served.

Combining synergistic foods such as tomatoes with peel on along with olive oil, and fish with garlic, is another addition to helping that gut to do its best job in digesting food and absorbing the best out of it.

Yummy and nutritious!

"You can make excuses or you can make progress. You choose. " - Brian Tracy

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