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You create your Community

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

You have a Community when you create a Community.

Although our town Community Garden has not followed its true vision and meaning, I am able to share that this little plot made my day today.

Few years ago I worked with a patient, born in Japan. He was also an artist, passionate about beauty, creativity and languages. Although he spoke little English, he managed to communicate with me very clearly each visit, using his Google Translate. Couple of years later, coming from the Community Garden with my bag full of lettuce and spinach, I met him on the street. He was riding his bike. The light on his face when he saw me and his warm hug, assured me of his joy of reconnecting. I offered him some green leaves and he was very appreciative. I shared with him that our town recently opened the second Community Garden and invited him to apply for a plot, as I knew gardening was going to be a good addition to his outdoors adventures. We then have not crossed paths for almost two years. Few weeks ago, when I stopped at the garden for some cleaning, I happened to meet him and his wife there. The joy from both sides, for seeing each other again, had no language. Although by now he was in a wheelchair, his wife and him made sure I understood the gratitude they had for having access to their Community Garden plot. They showed me what they were growing throughout the season and thanked me for opening this opportunity to them. They seemed to go to the garden pretty often as they live only two blocks away.

Today, as I arrived to my plot, I found a note stuck into the soil. He translated and hand wrote his message for me. " How are you? We are good friends! I want to share with you my paintings, would like to know how you like them. My phone is: ... You can write in English! Thank you! 2022/10/28 "

This made my day!

I went to the garden today to pick up freshly grown arugula which I planted about eight weeks ago. Next plot gardeners were cooking a meal outdoors while wracking leaves and cleaning out their plot. What a great way to spend a wkd evening outside, at the Community Garden!! As we met for the first time, we exchanged few words about harvesting and how great is to be outside, in nature, specially at 72F in the month of November. We happily exchanged some goodies from the garden. I shared my arugula and lovage and my neighbors offered me fresh herbs which came right on time for my planned home cooked dinner.

Soon enough I got invited to enjoy a glass of wine with my new gardening friends. Too bad, I had no time to stay for dinner ;-)

We discovered many things we had in common: clean eating, gardening, outdoors activities, home cooking, to name a few.

Cheers to new friends!

Cheers to the community!

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